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  News Archive for January 2002

 January 25, 2002

Release Date for the Art of War in the UK
Posted @ 5:50 PM || TNK

According to The Official Cossacks Site, the Art of War expansion for Cossacks should be released in the UK on February 8th. From the site:

British gamers ready, steady and "go" will follow February 8th 2002. The add-on COSSACKS: THE ART OF WAR will be hitting British shelves and render all Cossacks-fans happy.

 January 22, 2002

GSC needs your input!
Posted @ 2:30 PM || TNK

pepsi of GSC has posted two threads in our forums asking for your input. One thread asks about the ranking system in Cossacks for those who have the x-pack the Art of War, and the other asks about your interest in alpha testing GSC's upcomming American Conquest.

 January 16, 2002

Scenario Editor in UK version of the Art of War
Posted @ 2:29 PM || TNK

Angel Draco has pointed out an article on GamespyDaily that says that there will be a scenario editor included with the UK version of the Art of War. According to the article, the following features are in the editor:

"Easy-to-use Cossacks-style interface
Single mission creation
Option to include original art
Four levels of difficulty
Create available in one of three sizes
Automatic debugging mode
Ability to save mission scenario to text file with additional dialogue and commands"

GamespyDaily also has 5 screenshots of the editor, you can read the news and view the screenshots here.

 January 14, 2002

Player Opinion Needed
Posted @ 9:36 AM || Angel ET

Every player has a special wish when playing a favorite game. Here's your chance to voice these wishes for consideration before the game is released. So go to the thread created by pepsi here and voice your opinion.

Cossacks Heaven appreciates the opportunity to support these types of inquiries from the developer. The ultimate goal is to produce a great game thus many happy players. Thank you.

 January 5, 2002

Cossacks 2, American Conquest, and another Cossacks X-Pack Answers
Posted @ 5:11 PM || TNK

Forumer rEarranged has pointed out a very interesting interview done by Daily Telefrag with GSC answers questions about American Conquest, yet another Cossacks X-Pack, and the yet unannounced Cossacks 2. Some important points included that Cossacks 2 will be done in 3D with zoom and panning features, and is expected to be done in 2003, American Conquest, which uses the Cossacks engine, is due out in September 2002, and another Cossacks expansion pack that focuses on the 16th and 17th centuries is supposed to be out in the fall of 2002. This interview is a must see!

 January 3, 2002

Hear Yea.. Here Comes The JUDGE
Posted @ 4:31 AM || Angel ET

I recently received this communique from GSC .

For those who play online..please take note: The memo reads as follows...

Due to numerous complaints about some players behaving dishonestly during rated games we have come to understanding of importance to implement a so-called court system. That is why we have appointed two persons to act as judges. They will investigate cases of cheating and their sentence will be final and not subject to appeal.

However, not all complaints will be eligible for consideration because we run top100 players database only. Thus, only games with at least one top100 player involved will be investigated.

In order to start actions against somebody you have to e-mail one of the judges the record of the game where you think your opponents cheated against you, a detailed description of the game with nicknames of the players, rules you played under, etc. It would be even better if you could also provide screenshots supporting your words.

Judge has two weeks to investigate a single case and report his decision to the so-called executor. The latter carries out the sentence immediately.

Note 1. Sentence is the points to be deducted from the cheater's rating. Victims receive compensation (by way of fixing their rating!) for the game proved to have been unfair. Severity of the sentence totally depends on the judge and amount of complains he receives about a certain player.

Note 2.Judges are not bound to reply to your mail, though they may if they want to. Judges are not bound to inform you of their decisions, though they may if they want to.

Note 3.Should judges find the screenshots and record of the game unconvincing they are to abort the investigation without any sentence passed and the case is to be considered closed.

Records, screenshots and info on the game should be mailed to:
Judge 1 - (Languages: English and German only)
Judge 2 - (Languages: English and Russian only)

Cossacks Heaven is very appreciative and thanks you pepsi , for relaying this most pertinent information.