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  News Archive for January 2001

 January 31, 2001

Show 'Em Who's Boss!
Posted @ 11:20 PM || Cherub Samurai

Cast your vote for Cossacks here at WorldCharts!

I have yet to figure out how to actually vote, so if any brilliant mind has, please update me so I can alert the public.

 January 30, 2001

Excellent Review!
Posted @ 5:22 PM || Cherub Samurai

Hey 'Sax! It has come to my attention that there is a great new review out by ign pc! See it here. Here is a piece of the review by Steve Butts:

Although things are kind of complicated, they're still quite fun. Like the good reviewers we are, we're still waiting to see how things look once the game is released. At this point the difficulty level is really high, even for a game of this type. It's not so much the interface that's the problem as it is the challenge posed by the AI. I guess I should just look at that as a chance to get better at the game. One further point of note, however -- the developers have already expressed interest in an expansion pack to the game. All they'll say so far is that it's set on the North American continent. Hmmm…

North American continent? AoK Americans vs. Cossacks Americans...

Strategies Brewing!
Posted @ 3:13 PM || Cherub Samurai

CH Forumer Lord of Silla wants to know what strategy you plan on using. Will you go with cavalry? Artillery? Infantry? What about staying historically accurate? Put some suggestions here. Looks like the Strategy Forum is alive and kicking.

 January 28, 2001

Clash of the Giants
Posted @ 10:49 AM || Cherub Samurai

No, this isn't about the Superbowl. Rather, it's about two of the most anticipated games to come out soon-- Empire Earth and our dear Cossacks. Cheer on your favored game here!

 January 26, 2001

A Heavenly New Game...It's Simply Divine!
Posted @ 4:05 PM || Cherub Samurai

Hey 'Sax, CHers, EWarriors, Kasaks, and other assorted Cossacks-fans-yet-to-be-named! (Let your voice be heard on this subject here) A new game called Heaven and Hell is being published by CDV, the same folks who are bringing us Cossacks. Visit it's webpage here, it looks pretty cool. Here's what CDV has to say about it:

CDV's staff would even go through hell to offer heaven to gamers worldwide! This time with the assistance of Zweibruecken-based, talented developers from MadCat Interactive Software, who are ready and willing to overcome possibly upcoming obstacles to develop and release "Heaven & Hell", a God-Game with real-time strategy elements
for the PC as well as for Microsoft's impatiently expected Xbox. Heaven & Hell will be the first real God-Game since Populous!

The gamer chooses to be either God or the Devil at the beginning of the game. According to each gamers' taste and mood two totally different game strategies can thus be pursued: building and growth or
battle and destruction. The aim is to win over settlers from four different peoples who are not converted and to strengthen one's divine or diabolical power. In this sense the gamer can also show divine or diabolical behavior, by for example taking direct influence on the subjects to punish, hurt or reward, for example to show divine kindness and affection.

The gamer can display his power through wonders or catastrophes and convince or respectively scare the settlers. This game which follows the most popular book in the world, the Bible, will put gamers in seventh heaven with its love for detail and animation, with its divine
and diabolical sense of humor and innovative interface!

Looks unique at the least.

 January 24, 2001

EuroGamer Peeks Into Cossacks!
Posted @ 11:51 PM || Cherub Samurai

The staple of your army is infantry, which comes in a variety of forms from the basic pikemen and musketeers to grenadiers and mercenaries. Officers and drummers can then be built to organise soldiers into larger units which can include literally dozens of men in line, column or square formations. You can even take multiple formations and put them into whatever shape you want, and when you march them across the battlefield each unit will stay in the right position relative to the others. Sometimes this does break down causing units to bunch up or spread out, and even modest terrain obstacles can sometimes prevent you from putting large formations exactly where you want them, but overall it's a step in the right direction and helps to make combat rather less haphazard than in most real-time strategy games.

This is a blurb from the latest Cossacks preview, by EuroGamer. Check this article filled with nice insight into battle and other aspects of the game here.

New Sections!
Posted @ 11:41 PM || Cherub Samurai

Some great new info on Melee Cavalry and Miscellaneous Units is on the site, thanks to Angel Socrateius, the writer of the articles. Check it out in the Units section!

 January 23, 2001

GameSpy Not Needed?
Posted @ 5:18 PM || Cherub Samurai

Rumor has it that Cossacks will actually have an in-game multiplayer server, as opposed to needing GameSpy, as previously thought. However, this does not seem to have been officially confirmed yet.

The Future Of RTS Games...
Posted @ 5:09 PM || Cherub Samurai

Are there any new ideas left in videogames? And more specifically, are there any new ideas left in the RTS market? Has the RTS genre devolved into clones of a few good ideas, traceable back to games like Dune II and Warcraft? Or is there someplace for the genre to go from here? If there isn't a place for it to go, will it become like driving, fighting and shooting games in the arcade and consoles -- the same ideas repeated endlessly?

These and many other questions are thrown onto the board in this article by James Samuel at Daily Radar

I myself am fully convinced that Cossacks will bring some great new things to the RTS genre.

Spain Overview Up!
Posted @ 4:53 PM || Cherub Samurai

Our fantastic historian, Cherub Marechal, has posted a historic overview on the country of Spain, written originally by himself. Check it out here. Here's an excerpt:

Spain is one of the most famous (well-known) of the European powers at the time of Cossacks: European Wars. If one remembers one thing from world history class, it was that the Spanish conquered the Aztecs and Incans. Everyone is familiar with Cortes and his muskets conquering the mighty Central American cultures. We all know of Pizarro and his destruction of the Incan Empire in South America. Some of us even remember King Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, who sent Columbus on his voyage in 1492 to discover the New World. As important and influential as the Spanish conquest of the New World was, we forget and overlook the events and actions that took place on the Continent, where Spain was as active as ever.

 January 22, 2001

Cossacks Hotkeys
Posted @ 3:44 PM || Cherub Samurai

Hey there! We have added a new section to Cossacks Heaven; it is a list of all the "hotkeys" for the game. For those of you that don't know what a hotkey is, it's a key that you press to do something in-game, such as build a certain structure. Make sure to drop by and check it out here!

 January 21, 2001

What's In a Name?
Posted @ 6:34 PM || Cherub Samurai

Hey there! Every good gaming community should have a name. Those that play the Age series are called Agers, those that play by Impressions Games are called Citybuilders, etc. So I think we Cossacks fans need a name, no? Brainstorm about it here.

 January 19, 2001

Posted @ 11:00 PM || Angel Zen


For more information contact:
Tom Mescher, CEO

January 19, 2001 - HeavenGames LLC announced today that it has launched Cossacks Heaven, the latest in its series of special-interest sites for Real Time Strategy & Citybuilding games.

Cossacks: European Wars is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game created by GSC Game World and published by CDV Software Entertainment AG, which spans the time period of the 16th and 18th Centuries. With the ability to field up to 8,000 units for each player, it is possible to conduct enormous full-scale wars and battles. The game includes the most famous and important nation-states in Europe and the Middle East, each with their own unique technology tree and abilities. The game will be released for sales via international channels on March 30th, 2001.

Cossacks Heaven will be dedicated to feature extensive coverage of European Wars: Cossacks, from basic information such as unit stats, to resources for players to get better at their game. The site includes a download section, powered by proprietary software developed by HeavenGames, for gamers to submit their own customized maps, "mod-packs", scenarios and campaigns. In addition, the site includes community-building features such as a player's list, clans directory, and forums.

"My congratulations go out to the staff of Cossacks Heaven for having worked so hard and diligently on such a smooth and well-thought-out site, " said Alexander van't Hof, CCO of HeavenGames, LLC. "We can assure you that we will be the hottest site out there with some of the most current developments on Cossacks and Developer participation."

Cossacks Heaven will be operated by a staff of 8. They are HoYin Au ("Angel Zen"), Site Director; Tom Mescher ("Angel Spineman"), Downloads Director; "Angel Socrateius", Writer & Graphics Designer; "Angel Et Flavius", Writer; "SCNPunk", Maps Editor; "Cherub Samurai", News Editor; "Cherub Marechal", Historian; and "Cherub Sunshine"; Copywriter.

"The staff working on the site are some of the most diligent, hard-working, and enthusiastic people I've worked with, " said HoYin Au, CTO of HeavenGames, LLC, and Cossacks Heaven Site Director. "We're all psyched to be on the Cossacks Heaven team, and we'll all work to bring you the finest coverage of European Wars: Cossacks."

HeavenGames LLC, based in Villa Park, Illinois, is a privately owned web-content publisher geared towards the creation of special-interest sites for Real-Time Strategy and City-Builder games. Its sites, contents, vast amounts of resources, as well as a dedicated staff & management team make HeavenGame's sites the premier destination for strategy gamers worldwide.

Welcome To The Youngest Star In The HG Universe!!!
Posted @ 4:52 PM || Cherub Samurai

Hey, welcome! We here at Cossacks Heaven have been working hard for the past few weeks and at last we get to open our shining gates to you! I can finally stop reporting the news to myself. Make sure to check out all our wonderful sections, and fantastic forums. Hope you have a heavenly time here!

GamesDomain Cossacks Preview (Among Other Things)
Posted @ 4:47 PM || Cherub Samurai

Once again, a short but good preview has appeared online. Apparently, all the long preview writers are on vacation. This one, from GamesDomain, is viewable here. Here's an excerpt for you skimmers:

Whereas Age of Empires battles (and those of most other RTS games) barely qualify as skirmishes, Cossacks can display up to 8,000 units on screen at once for huge battles. To help manage such large numbers of troops, and deepen the strategic options open to players, Cossacks has a heavy emphasis on formations and large-scale organisation of soldiers. It also differs from other, similar games in that the landscapes, while displayed from a fixed perspective, vary in height - so troops with projectile weapons can stand on hillsides to fire over the heads of their compatriots. Troops also march faster downhill.

On a further note, Cossacks has finally been announced to be released in the US on March 30.

Lastly, the successful team of CDV Software Entertainment AG and French Focus Marketing that led Sudden Strike to profit in France, is planning to co-operate again to bring Cossacks, which will be released in France on March 28, to great heights as well.

 January 17, 2001

New Sections Added
Posted @ 12:45 PM || Cherub Samurai

Our humble little Dwelling here at Cossacks Heaven is fast becoming a grand Town Hall! Two new sections have been added, a stunning collection of screenshots, and a plethora of building descriptions written by the ever-versatile Angel Socrateius. Make sure to check them out!

 January 16, 2001

Three Stunning Screenshots!
Posted @ 10:21 PM || Cherub Samurai

Wow! GameSpy Daily is now showing off three great-looking screenshots that they recieved from Strategy First, Cossacks' North American publisher. Now, I'm a diehard Ensemble Studios fan (and always will be ), but these images are just amazing, better than anything I, personally, have ever seen. Doesn't it just make you want to go march against Russia in the cold, dark winter...?

Cossacks to be Published by Strategy First
Posted @ 10:14 PM || Cherub Samurai

The Adrenaline Vault has recently established that Cossacks will be published in North America by Strategy First, also publisher of such titles as Sudden Strike and Disciples: Dark Prophecies. You can see what they have to say about it here.

Posted @ 12:44 AM || Cherub Samurai

This screenshot was used as an ad for Cossacks in the February 2001 issue of PCGamer. Looks simply fantastic! Dare I say that I spy a bridge? Looks so. Many thanks to Zen for scaning in the image.

 January 15, 2001

Another Short but Good Review
Posted @ 11:33 AM || Cherub Samurai

Dailyradar UK has released another article into the barrage of Cossacks reviews that seem to be inundating the Gaming World. This one is rather short, like the one at BarrysWorld, but it shows much excitement for the game. The preview can be found here Here's an excerpt:

War games.

They're rubbish really, aren't they? Oh, we're not questioning their strategic content or their depth or anything like that. No, we're talking about the way that they never seem to represent proper battles; you're normally in control of what would count as a minor skirmish in real life. Where's the fun in that? Why can't we have massed battles with thousands of individual soldiers, eh? Something that looks like one of those tabletop battlefields covered in lovingly hand-painted lead soldiers; the sort of thing you'd find in your scary uncle Bernard's attic?

Well, luckily, they go on to disprove that, because as we all know (or at least like to think), Strategy Games are the pinnacle of the gaming world.

 January 13, 2001

SCN Punk Comfortably Setlled Into The Cossacks Community
Posted @ 2:00 PM || Cherub Samurai

It looks like our fellow HG-ers at Cossacks Punk Heaven are already making a name for themselves. The folks down at the official Cossacks messageboards are already talking about one of the Punks' modpacks here. Sounds great to me!

BarrysWorld Cossacks Review
Posted @ 12:45 AM || Cherub Samurai

Hi, Cossacks fans! For those of you on the lookout for new hearsay about the game, BarrysWorld has written a preview, viewable here. Here is an excerpt from this short but to-the-point article:

Any first look at the gameplay of Cossacks will tell you straight away that it`s aimed at the Age of Empires crowd. In fact, at first site, you could be mistaken for thinking that you`re looking at Age of Kings but it doesn`t take too long before you realise that this game is way prettier and you`ll not believe how many frames of animation the units have.

Sounds like we might be getting visited by our friends at Age of Kings Heaven soon!

 January 11, 2001

Cossacks Punk Heaven Gets New Layout!
Posted @ 8:46 PM || Cherub Samurai

Our HG friends, Cossacks Punk Heaven, will soon be getting a new layout created by our very own Angel Socrateius. Here's to a great new layout and a future of awesome Cossacks scenarios for Cossacks Punk Heaven!

Welcome to Heaven!
Posted @ 6:13 PM || Cherub Samurai

Hi! Welcome to Cossacks Heaven, a site run by HeavenGames. Unfortunately, you won't find any harps here but what you will find is only the best info and forums relating to European Wars: Cossacks out there! Happy browsing and make sure to check out our wonderful forums!

 January 6, 2001

Posted @ 1:06 AM || Cherub Samurai

Hi! Welcome to Cossacks Heaven, a site run by HeavenGames. Unfortunately, you won't find any harps here but what you will find is only the best info and forums relating to European Wars: Cossacks out there! Happy browsing and make sure to check out our wonderful forums!