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  Ukrainian Mission #7

By Cherub Krud

Part One: Building
Gee, this one looks familiar, remember the last mission. The two missions are almost identical except for a few things, you start with three towns and you have to cross the river by boat. Your town on the mainland will be attacked often, but a strong garrison of 200 Serdiuks behind walls will be more than enough. Build up your towns to a size you see fit. Build all of your barracks, stables, and artillery depots in the mainland town, and build all of your docks on the island towns. Beware, the enemy may try to build docks and invade the cross-river towns, patrol the shoreline and destroy any enemy attempts to create a shipyard. To the east of your mainland town there is an orange stronghold where a Russian diplomat is being kept. If you can break him out and take him to his troops he can provide much information as well as assets. I suggest that you create 5 mortars, 3 cannons or howitzers, 60 Serdiuks, 75 Hetmen. Use the Mortars to take out the towers protecting the rest of the orange troops. Use the Serdiuks to protect the cannons/howitzers as they move in and soften up the area. Once a sufficient amount of enemy troops have been killed move in with the extremely powerful Hetmen and liberate the prisoners. Take the diplomat to his troops in a valley due east of the mainland town. Beware, once the diplomat is about to meet his troops, a large group of Winged Hussars will try to attack him. He will thank you and give you troops and information.

Part Two: Winning
This is the part where you can take the liberties of how and when you will dispatch the enemy. Orange is in the northeast and blue in the northwest. Their towns will be heavily defended. I suggest moving in on them with 200 Serdiuks, 10 mortars, 15 cannons, and 100 Hetmen. This amount of men will have absolutely no problem with taking out the towns. Simply use the cannons to soften up and move in with the men. Congratulations! You have completed one of the hardest Cossacks Campaigns!



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