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  Ukrainian Mission #6

By Cherub Krud

Part One: Building
This scenario is going to be much easier simply because of the fact that you can build a town. There are two enemies that will need to be defeated though. You are on one side of a river and the enemies, blue and white are on the other. They control many more mines and armies than you do at the beginning, so don’t start to pick a fight until you’re good and ready. There are three ways to cross the river by land. Two are directly to the south of you, and one is across the map, due east of your position. You should consider plugging these up with troops and or walls as quickly as possible so that you can avoid any town invasions. I suggest building two or three walls and have 60 or more Serdiuks behind them to guard the crossing point. This defense allows you to build up without many enemy disturbances. Across the river and to the south and southwest of your original position there are two enemy camps. These were Ukrainian villages, but the Polish forces captured them. Once captured these camps provide much needed mines and good forward bases. In order to capture them, I suggest using a group of 60 Serdiuks, 30 Hetmen, and 3-4 Cannons. Se the cannons to soften up the enemy positions and move in with the Calvary supplemented by Serdiuks. Once captured I suggest building a ring of towers supported by Serdiuks around each village. The enemy will send mixed forces of mortars, grenadiers, and Calvary to try to destroy them, but that should only be a small nuisance, not a large problem. By the time you have captured the outposts and built up your town to a size you see fit the enemy will be very strong.

Part Two: Destroying the Polish forces
I suggest that you attack blue first because blue has the most heavily defended position. Blue has a ring of ridges around his town. On each of these ridges can be anywhere from 1 to 3 towers, but there will be 8 towers in all. I suggest that you remove all of the towers with mortars before proceeding. This allows you unfettered access to the town. Beware, as soon as you attack the towers the enemy will send large groups of Hussars to destroy your cannons. With the towers gone, you can opt to lay waste to the town with cannons, or try to capture the town with large groups of Serdiuks and Hetmen. As soon as you begin to capture buildings, blue will expand itself into white territory, so be swift and decisive when you do attack. With blue either dead or seriously wounded, you can now face off against white. There is an easy way to lay waste to white’s town with cannons though. West of where blue’s town was there is a large ridge, placing 5-15 cannon on the ridge will easily destroy most of the town in minutes. With most of the town in ruins, killing the rest of the men will be no problem. I suggest using a large group of Calvary, 180 Hetmen, 160 Sich Cossacks, and 160 Don Cossacks supplemented with cannons of your choice. White does have a ring of towers defending its town, but they will not be a large problem when you have taken the ridge. This is one of the easier missions and shouldn’t prove to be too much of a problem. Good Luck!!



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