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  Ukrainian Mission #5

By Cherub Krud

Part One: The Easy Part
This is by far going to be one of the harder missions in the Ukrainian campaign. First, send your Don Cossacks and the Hetman (You) to the south a where the black troops are standing. You will get your standard Ukrainian Mission message “we’re outnumbered, if you don’t deliver this caravan we loose”. To the northwest on the minimap you’ll see to blobs light up, the dock and the lading point. At this point there are a few enemy Hussars inbound, send all of your men and the newly acquired caravans behind the Ukrainian lines and let the black troops kill them. At this point you have two choices, go east through a lightly but annoyingly guarded mountain pass. If you choose this option you will have to either go right through the enemy musketeers or kill them all. Once you’ve made it through the pass head north to the dock. The second choice is to go north and then east. First go north until the cannons start shooting at you, then head east. You may think, “cannons!” but this is probably the better choice because musketeers aren’t constantly harassing you. Once you get near the dock you will see a group of musketeers, send in all of the horses you have, including you, but leave the caravan behind and out of danger. You will see a few Hussars come in to the fray, but you won’t have any problem with them. Once done, you will get a transport, and a yacht (gee, I wonder what that’s for?). You should send the yacht out first, as bait and lure the frigate to the south. There is a Xebec there which can destroy the frigate for you. Once the frigate is dead a yacht will come down to the south, it too will be destroyed by the Xebec. While your yacht is playing as bait, send your transport to the landing site. Once at the site send the caravans to the King and he will send his troops across the river. You will get a message telling you that the dock has been recaptured.


Part Two: Things get Tougher
You will be given a squad and a cannon at this point. Another group of Hussars will attack the squad at this point, try and send them to the rear of the black troops to minimize losses. Using option A or B again send your troops to an area in front of the dock. Once there, kill the musketeers guarding the area, then quickly move your men to this spot (A) and use the howitzer to kill the Winged Hussars here (B). With the Winged Hussars dead, and your squad in good shape, send the men who delivered the caravan back to the dock. While they’re doing this have the howitzer bombard the Polish men here (C). With the dock captured you will get a message telling you that the tartars are able to land and that you can capture a small military outpost with two cannons. You will also be given two more cannons at this point, I suggest that once your troops are down there and in position, you use the howitzer and the two cannons to soften them up. Then move in with your Sich and Don Cossacks in order to capture the other cannons and buildings. The outpost will be relatively easy to capture. Once captured, you will get a message telling you to upgrade, do so because you will most definitely need these upgrades for the future battle. A few seconds later, you will be given 10 Vityaz’s and 5 drummers. Once the message has been displayed, send the drummers to the heights behind the dock, just as the message says. As the drummers approach the heights, you’ll begin to see troop movements, watch them and take note where the enemy units will be. Once you’ve been watching the movements for a little while another message will come up telling you to capture the hill in the middle of the map. This hill must be taken quickly, so don’t expect to be able to put too many cannon shots on it, much rather you’ll have to take it quickly by using your Sich and Don Cossacks supported by your Serdiuks. You must capture this hill quickly so you’ll have enough time to get your cannons and howitzer into position.

Part Three: The Hard Part
You might have to try capturing the hill many time before you get it right so that you have enough time to get into position and have a good amount of men left over. Once you have captured the hill (hopefully) you will get a message saying that the attack is about to begin and now all of the cannons are yours. Send them up to the hill with the rest of them. Have your cannons on the hill start pouring lead into the enemy as soon as they get into range. The Polish troops will begin to form up and you will have plenty of time to kill them. Once you get a message saying the tartar and Ukrainian troops acknowledge your command the attack is about to begin. The idea is that with the cannons you can kill enough of them that when they attack all you have to do is mop them up. Once you have killed enough of them you will get a victory message. Good Luck!!



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