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  Ukrainian Mission #4

By Cherub Krud

Part One: Building Your Village
This mission is a lot simpler than the other ones simply because of the fact that you are able to build as many men as you want. As it is only a build and destroy mission you won’t have too many problems winning, but the enemy is strong in force. Slightly to the northwest there is a bridge. Place your original troops there and over time add about 60 Serdiuks along with 3 cannon there in order to defend it. The enemy will periodically send some Winged Hussars across, but these cannons and Serdiuks should be more than enough to stop them. At this time build up your town to a size you see fit, but, have at least 3 Serdiuks Barracks, and 2 Stables. During this mission, keep your original Hetman (you) safe at all times by keeping him in your village.

Part Two: Exploring
Across the river, and directly to the west along the bottom edge of the map, there is a camp of Sich Cossacks who had their camp destroyed. Watch out when you cross the river though, there may be over 100 Winged Hussars waiting for you. Once you arrive at the camp, the troops there will tell you that there is a military camp to the west, but in reality it is really far to the northwest. They will also tell you that there is a resource camp to the north, but it is more northwest than it is north. Before you take on the fortress itself I suggest that you destroy these camps, for they will send many troops to attack you if they are not destroyed. It is a good idea to destroy it because of the mines it would provide you. In order to destroy the resources camp (which isn’t very far from the Sich Cossacks’ camp) you will need about 120 troops at the most, and about 2 cannons. This camp is very small and won’t require much effort to destroy. Once it is destroyed, Kodak fortress will produce units at a much slower rate. Near the middle of the map the Polish have a string of towers on a group of hills, these will be easily dispatched with the two left over cannons. To the west of the towers you will find a river. To the northeast you will find the fortress. There is only on way across this river and it is guarded by 2 formations of Winged Hussars, use some Don or Sich Cossacks to get rid of them. Anyway, across this river is the military camp. You will need a rather strong force in order to destroy it. It is simply a paling wall with some troops in it, but as long as those troops are inside it, reinforcements and caravans will come in periodically. The real problem with destroying it is the fact that there are a couple of formations of Winged Hussars around. In front of the camp is a formation of easily dispatched Spearmen, but to the south there is a first group of Winged Hussars, and further south than that, a second group of them. I suggest using 3 formations of 40 Don Cossacks supported by 128 Serdiuks and 5 cannons in order to kill all the men inside and totally overrun it.

Part Three: Destroying the Fortress
By destroying the 2 camps you have granted yourself a safe and easy way to destroy the fortress. Your cannons will be able to encircle it and only have to worry about troops coming from in the fortress and not from the 2 military camps. The fortress is surrounded by towers, I suggest you take all of them out of commission before sending in the main force. With the towers destroyed, you have a couple of choices. You could use the cannons to systematically destroy every building inside. You could attack en masse with all the troops you have. Or you could use howitzers and Serdiuks and tear through the town piece by piece. Whichever way you choose you shouldn’t have any problem with winning.



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