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  Ukrainian Mission #3

By Krud139

Part One: Advancing Through the Steppe
When the mission begins, your town is on fire, and in order to not get hit by any splinter damage move to the north a little bit. Once you are out of harms way, and the entire village has burnt down, send all of your men due south, there are some deserters there who you can hire. Even though they cost all of your 5000 gold to hire, you must do it unless you want to loose. Just a little bit down the road that 5000 will be replenished, so don’t worry. Have your 20 hired Serdiuks kill the guards at the first gate. Don’t proceed to the north, there is a group of bandits there ready to kill you, simply proceed through the gates. Watch out for an attack from some winged hussars and polish light riders, simply have you Don Cossacks hold them up while your Serdiuks unload into them. Only a little ways in from the gates there will be an option, go east or go south. Since there is a caravan with little resistance to the south, capture it and get your 5000 gold back, you’ll need it later on. With the gold captured the only other option is go further down the road. There will be another gate, kill the guards and bust through again. Continue down the pass and kill the two guards that you encounter. If you continue a little further, you will find that a group of winged hussars has razed another town, stay clear of the splinter damage. Hug the side of the eastern hill and head north, there you will meet a small group of Cossacks who are fleeing, listen to their message. Once they’ve done their thing and left head to the east, there you will meet a large column of winged hussars, one or two may attack, but they will flee and, guess what, raze yet another town, again, stay clear of the splinter damage. Proceed to the middle of the town, then go due south. After traveling for about a minute south, you will see some Ukrainian Sich Cossacks. They’ll tell you that they’re attacking convoys etc. They will give you a map and orders to give it to Ataman Pavliuk, who is across the river. Go directly north by northeast in order to flee from the Winged Hussars.

Part Two: Fleeing to the Island
There you will get a galley and a transport, load your men onto the transport and take them across. Have your galley kill both of the yachts, if you don’t kill both of the yachts your mission gets 3 times harder later on. Once your men are on the other side, proceed to the center where you will meet the Ataman. He will tell you to go to the northwestern docks where you will board a transport in order to capture some artillery. Go to the northwestern docks and board the transport. If your transport that you used to cross the first time is under attack, have it go directly to the east, even if it is under attack from the frigate, try to get it as far into enemy sea lanes as possible.

Part Three: Capturing Artillery
Ok, now, load all of your men onto the north western transport, and quietly have them hug the northern edge of the map and head due east to the cannons. Once the cannons are captured have them take out the frigate and the yacht when it arrives, they will both try to kill your transport, have your transport do some evasive maneuvers top avoid some of the cannon fire. Once this is done load everything onto the transport again and head, not for the highlighted dock, or the highlighted Polish army, but much rather, for the point where you originally crossed and sacrificed your transport and galley. The wall there will allow you to kill the Winged hussars that are patrolling without your men being killed.

Part Four: Getting Into Position
Once all of the Hussars are dead have your men go through the gates and proceed to a spot just north of the wheat field, then go directly to the east. Once there, you will find a stone wall, make a hole in it. Go through the passage you made and go a little further east, there you will see a hill just south of you, a large group of cannons, and a column of Winged Hussars. At this point, break a hole into that wall so that you can kill the Hussars, don’t capture the guns just yet, but only kill the Hussars. Once all of the Hussars are dead send in a few of your men and capture the guns. With the guns captured, place them on the hill so that you can set up a defense and kill as many of those light riders as possible. Remember, once you start this, you must get your guns in place quickly or else there is no way you can get rid of most of them. Once the Hussars are upon you put half of your cannons on the hill and the others to the entrance to the hill. Have your howitzers overlook the hill and fire down onto them. The cannons that are guarding the hill should only fire when they can achieve a maximum number of kills with grapeshot. Remember, you need only kill a sufficient number of them. Once this number of kills is achieved, about two thirds of them must be killed, you will get control over some cannons on the island. You may need to save and go back and try this defense of the hill many times before its done in sufficient time and done in just the right way. You will see that there are transports loading up to invade the island, you need only destroy one of the two transports to win!



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