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  British Mission #1

By Sam Newman

Part One - finding the island

Right, first off move your frigates around the northen end of the island you start on. Move them east untill you hit the pirates (you're not going to be able to avoid conflicts on this one I'm afraid). Take out the galleys first, then deal with the little ships. Once you've killed them off, send your frigates south along the cost (e.g. the island to the west of the original island). Make sure you really hug the coast as you go. There is a large fleet to the south. If one of its scouts spots you or you get in range of the fleet you're dead. Follow the cost westwards untill you get the warning about the battleships/galleys further west. Take the advice and head north in between the islands until you hit the top of the map. Then travel west until you meet up with the other british frigate. You may meet some small ships - in general unless they are in you way leave them alone. Once you meet the frigate, he'll ask you to help him take out the local pirate in exchange for some gold and the use of his ship afterwards. Take him up on the offer (the gold and ship are handy). Remember to keep your ferry back. Also, combine your attack on a single ship till its dead, there is no point spreading your fire. Once the pirates have been delt with, travel to the most north-weslterly point on the map, and then head south. You should come accross a large island with a gold mine on it. Disembark your peasants and scout around untll you get the message that you can create a base here. Don't travel too far south though.

Part Two - Builing the base.

First off, build a town hall, then a mill, then a gold mine. Start cranking out peasants (making sure you try and keep food at aroung 500). Once thats done, build a wood wall to the south of your mine between the large hill and the east cost, and likewise from the large hill to the west coast. Any enemy troops will then come over this hill. Position your frigates as close as possible. When the enemy attakcks your frigates will make quick work of them. You may want to build a barracks to create some guards to stop the enemy capturing your buildings. Once they've sent one attack that'll be pretty much it. Keep builidng your base up. There is little need for turrets or any further fortifications after that. Once you've build a market, stable, and shipyard its on to part three.

Part Three - Destroying the enemy.

You're going to want some iron and coal at this point. Either reaserch geology to scout ahead, or send some scouts south to find the iron and coal mines ruther down. You'll also want to upgrade your goldmine, perhaps a couple of times. Build up your force until you have say 5 frigates and 2 or three galleys. Send them to the south end of the island and deal with the enemy turret there. You may also want to build a turret here yourself to help kill the galleys to the north. Then deal with the enemy galleys just north of the southen tip - again target one at a time untill dead. Keep your galleys behind the frigates. they should be fairly easily delt with - the battleships off the east coast are alot harder to handle. You'll want at least three frigates and 2 galleys per battleship. I also used a yauht, which I send to distract the battleship and then ran in circles while the others pounded it. Try and attack one when its at the furthest point south, so as to avoid the attention of the one to the north. Once both of them are dead, its all plain sailing, pardon the pun.



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