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  The Mercenary Rush

By Pertard Rusher

This strategy applies to most any civ, its object is to get as many mercs as possible very early to harass/destroy the enemy city. The reason it works for almost any civ is that no civs really get diplomatic center bonuses. There are 2 varieties of this rush, raiding and total destruction.

Build Order for Both: Do a standard build order, but only build one barracks (which should always be in use) and then build an Academy and Diplomatic Center fairly quickly, after which you can build another rax if you have enough wood. The other modification is to get as many gold miners as possible quickly by scouting out the closest 3-4 mines and garrisoning them asap.

Raiding Rush: As soon as the Diplomatic Center is complete start ordering up merc Cossacks, and send at least 10 parties of 5 to different spots around the enemy city. Then send them in, the main objectives being 1) Capture some villies and hopefully escape with them. 2) capture (and then delete) his economic buildings. If done right this will give you a huge economic advantage, which you can use to crush him with further merc floods, or with conventional units.

Total Destruction: The objective here is not just to hurt the enemy, but to totally destroy his city and army. You can do this after first raiding with Cossacks, or you can carry this out independently. The key here is to get around 100 infantrymen and add them to the Pikes you have been building so far. March these guys towards his town while ordering up ~50 merc archers to destroy his buildings (set the gather point near his town). Also remember to keep building and upgrading Pikes to keep your army strong. Your Pike force shouldn't be too much worse than his, and with the addition of 100 infantrymen you should be able to cut through his army and set a strong guard on his barracks, which your archers can then burn. Systematically move through his city destroying all the buildings and capturing/killing all of his peons.



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