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  Basic Start

By Pertard Rusher

1. Send 5 vils to build a mill and the rest to build a TC on wood and/or stone.
2. After the TC is done, order up 10 vils on wood and the nmove the builders to another TC.
3. When your mill is done do the +140% harvesting upgrade and reseed, then send the builders to build a blacksmith.
4. When the 2nd TC is done split the vils on wood and stone (depending on how individual preference and civ, I play Russia and put all but 3-4 on wood), and set a gather point, on wood if you are a wood-heavy civ, on stone if you are a normal civ.
5. When the blacksmith is done build 2 raxxes (unless you are Russia or Ukraine where you can build 3).
7. Build and upgrade Pikes continually from your raxxes to protect against a rush.
8. Send at least 2 groups of 3 Pikes to scout for the enemy and hopefully covert some workers (unless you are in PT, this is a very serious breach of PT).
9. When your food is done send 10 workers to food and set 2 gather points on food, around this time send around 5 guys to build an Academy.
10. Build one mine of each type, using villies from whatever surplus resources you have.
11. Start focusing on the specific resources you will need for whatever strategy you plan to carry out.



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