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  Best Civ for a Long PT Game: Ukraine?

By Pertard Rusher

Now probably your first comment when you see this is "Petard is insane, the Ukrainians don't even get 18th Century for crying out loud!" But if you'll bear with me you will see how Ukraine aptly deserves this title.

First off let's go with economy. Almost everyone's early econ is the same, except Ukraine, which has a HUGE bonus in that it gets the 2nd mill upgrade (+120% harvesting) right after the first one, instead of having to wait until they go 18th century. Ukraine also gets all the normal upgrades even though it can't go 18th Century.

"Well, ok, you may say, they're econ is good, but what can they build?? They don't get Riders, Grenadiers, any type of musketeer or dragoon, heck, they don't even get Pikemen!!!!." While it is true that their lack of Pikes essentially screws them in any type of rushing game, it really doesn't hurt late game when pikes are essentially cannon and musket fodder. Ukrainian armies must obviously have Serdiuks at the core, and here the Ukraine gets another bonus, cheaper barracks allow very quick mobilization of the rather slow-building (but powerful) Serdiuks. Serdiuks are, no hold barred, the best infantry shooting unit in the game. Initially their stats (85 hp and 10 attack) don't seem impressive when compared to 18th Century staples such as Grenadiers and 18th Century Muskets... and then you see their upgrade path.

Building Time: 600
Life: 85
Cost: 75 (food) 15 (iron) 3 (gold)
Attack: 10
Attack Upgrades +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +10
Defense Upgrades +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +10

So, +2, pretty nice, +3 very nice, +4, heck yeah, +5 (starting to look good now???), +6 H*** Yeah, +10!!!!!!!! Now you see why it is so sweet??? With the other shot techs you can get Serdiuks with over 70 attack (this is a funny side note, the order you research the tech makes the attack differ by up to 10, for example, if you do all the adding techs and then do all the % techs the attack is ~10 greater than if you did it the other way around!) This gives the Serduik a far more potent attack than any unit except the 18th Century Dragoon. When massed and with a small group of cannons in front these units are invincible to Pikes and other ranged units with the only prayer of success being offered by a massed cavalry charge, which leads us into one of Ukraine's most valuable assets, its stable.

Now some of you guys might be inclined to whine, "no riders, dragoons, or Hussars?? Wahhhh!!!" and then run off crying. However, Ukraine has 3 great unique cavalry units. The first is the Sith Cossack, a fairly quick building light cavalry ideal for quick strikes. The 2nd is the backbone of Ukrainian cavalry, the Registar Cossack.

Register Cossack
Register Cossack
Building Time: 700
Life: 300
Cost: 55 (food), 2 (wood)
Attack: 13
Attack Upgrades +2 +3 +4 +1 +1 +1
Defence Upgrades +3 +4 +5 +2 +2 +2

The Registar Cossack builds very quickly (roughly the speed of a Russian Spearman with the x4 speed upgrade) and has a potent attack and strong hitpoints., also, with the first 3 research levels completed (as well as the +5 attack upgrade at the blacksmith) the Registar Cossack can easily beat even well upgraded Riders and Currisaers (sp?), which build far slower and are more expensive. But say even your hordes of Registar Cossacks can't hold off enemy cavalry or cold steel units?? Then it's time to bring out your secret weapon, the Hetman. Each Hetman has, get this, 300 attack and 450 hp!!! And when you do the all important +20 defense upgrade the become as good as taking hits as they are at giving them. These units mow down all infantry and cavalry, their only drawback is their very high keeping cost, which can be avoided by a simple measure.... LET THEM DIE, you heard me right, send them off to DIE!! They build quickly so you can easily build another force, this way you take out tons of enemies while keeping down your own costs.

So there it is, Ukraine is the best civ for games you know are going to go on for awhile.



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