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  Poland: A Guide

By Pertard Rusher

Poland can be one of the best civs to play for both short and long games. In rushing games the fast building (but weaker) Polish pikes have a lagre advantage in that they can be massed 50% faster than normal pikes, allowing them to fend off most pike rushes (except Russia). Poland can also do well against the flush because they can get more pikes quickly to counter archers.

Polish Pikeman

As the game goes on Polish Infantry is fairly normal, so you should probably focus on building up a large core of muskets and cannons, flanked by some Pikes, then later in the game you can focus on building grenadiers and 18th Century Musketeers. Since there infantry is so normal, you should focus a lot of attention on their superb cavalry.

Poland gets 2 unique cavalry units, the Light Rider and the Winged Hussar (Husaria). The Light Rider is one of the fastest building cavalry units in the game, and with the x4 build speed you can easily amass a large foce of these to deal with musket and Pike raids (Light Riders are almost like Pike but faster and more hps). The Winged Hussar is truly a sweet unit. Though it takes a long time to build (2750, the same as a Rider), these units are fearsome warriors and superb raiders. While itís easy to fend off merc Cossacks raids with a few Pikes, fending off Winged Hussars is an entirely different proposition. A good tactic that I have learned is to get Geology (you can see all mine locations) very quickly and then send in Hussar raids on any mines that you think are outside his city, but that he might be mining. This is a great way to hurt his econ as well as to get some enemy villies.

Winged HussarLight Rider

In late game situations Poland holds up well because it gets the full 18th Cnetury Barracks and can esily supplement itís good Infantry with superb Hussars and very quick building Light Riders. Light Rides may well be a good idea to focus on as they build around 3.5 times faster as Hussars, so you can easily amass far larger numbers, and Hussars arenít that much better that a few key upgrades wonít level the playing field.

In conclusion, Poland is a very good civ both early and middle games, and only suffers a little at the end because it lack some of the heavier cavalry units like Riders and Currisiers.



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