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  Algeria: A Guide

By Cherub Krud

The Algerian economy is often a very strong one, as their mainstay units don’t require much in initial cost or upkeep. Anyone who plays as Algeria should make good use of the fact that they have one of the game’s most powerful navies as well as Xebecs. Fishing supplemented by farming is always a good strategy when playing as Algeria, for a powerful navy can easily protect the fishing ships. Algeria cannot advance to the 18th century. This is the one great flaw, they won’t last in late games because their units will be out modified and out matched. However, Algeria is allowed to receive the second mill upgrade allowing it’s farming to remain important throughout the game.

Military: Buildings
Algeria must rely on a quick and decisive archer rush, or later in the game on an archer/cannon rush. Algeria cannot advance to the 18th century, but this is countered by the cheap prices of barracks, and archers. The Algerian Barracks initially costs 400 wood/400 stone, then 2,000/2,000 then 10,000/10,000. This extremely cheap price is the key to winning. The Algerians can create 3 barracks within 4 minutes. Immediately begin creating archers, the mainstay of the Algerian army.
In naval games, Algeria dominates the seas with Xebecs and Battleships. In the minaret, all of the Ship upgrades can be researched. The most important ones that Algeria requires are - Train Carpenters: build speed increased 10x and Design new rigging types: speed increased 40%.
Algeria doesn’t need to research the battleship or frigate upgrades, they are simply a waste of time and resources that could be used for Xebec building. The Algerian Shipyard is cheaper than most other shipyards, (950s 750w 400i) this advantage allows you to create one or two extra and allow for quick, huge navy construction.


Military Units
Archers are the mainstay of the Algerian army, they are much stronger than mercenary archers and require little upkeep. The near immediate creation of an Algerian archer is the real advantage. Over 500 archers can be created in less than 4 minutes. This must be taken advantage of early in the game with a decisive rush followed by a stream of archers. The Algerian archer can kill both units and buildings with normal and incendiary arrows. The incendiary arrows are the second advantage to the archer rush, they allow for easy building destruction.

Algerian Archer                          Mercenary Archer
Life 30 Life 25
Time 25 Time 25
Cost 10f 2w Cost 12g
Shot 150:arrow 199:incendiary Shot 28:arrow 100:incendiary

Not to be left out are the Light infantry and Ottoman pikemen. The light infantrymen are only good for short surprise attacks because they are so weak. However, later in the game the Ottoman pikemen make a good leading element for attacking archers. These pike men have very fast build times (150 opposed to 180) and a high attack (9), but a weak defense. When fully upgraded the pikemen have an attack of 18, which will be needed late in the game.
The Algerian navy is a force to be reckoned with. Their fast moving Xebecs can easily lay waste to battleship formations. The statistics speak for themselves. One Xebec can destroy 2 frigates, when both frigates attack at once.

Xebec                                        Battleship
Life 65000 Life 65000
Time 15000 Time 25000
Cost 7000w 4000I 1200c 2200g Cost 9000w 900I 9000c 4500g
Shot 35 Shot 30

Military in the Late Game
If the Algerians cannot defeat their enemies early on in the game, the enemy will advance to the 18th century and simply outclass the Algerian units. However, if used correctly, the Mameluke can ease these woes. The basic Mameluke has a 12 attack, but when fully upgraded its attack is 29. When deployed en masse, they can supplement a huge late game archer/cannon attack. Mamelukes are a must in late game situations, for it is the only Algerian unit designed for dispatching heavy Calvary. The Algerians must try to keep up by researching all of their barracks and blacksmith upgrades. Any late game Algerian attack must be done in huge numbers. Any good attack must have at least 30 cannon, 600 archers, 300 Mamelukes, and 200 Ottoman Pikemen. A force this large is bound to do some damage when the pikemen and Mamelukes are leading the force of archers.



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