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Constructing Buildings

C - Town Hall
D - Dwelling 1
B - Fort
K - Fortress
T - Storehouse
N - Mine
H - Church
F - Shipyard
E - Trading Post
Y - Mill


F11 - Take Screenshot

Recruiting Units

Y - Archer, Mounted Archer
S - Harquebusier, Slingman, Shooter, Mounted Shooter, 17th Century Dragoon, Shaman, Priest
D - 18th Century Dragoon
Z - Fusilier
P - Pikeman, Halberdier
T - Tomahawk Man, Blowpipe Warrior, Spearman
R - Rider

Trading Post

Shift+ - Multiplies the resource amount by 100

Unit Selection

Z- Select all units of one type on screen
Ctrl+Z - Select all units of one type on the map
Ctrl+A - Select all units
Ctrl+B - Select all buildings
Ctrl+S - Select all ships

Formation Commands

R - Infantry Column, Cavalry Wedge
K - Infantry Square, Cavalry Column
F - Reinforce formation
G - Group/Ungroup
C - Infantry Line, Cavalry Line
J - Dismiss formation
Ctrl+Right Click - Better alignment of units

Quick access to units

Ctrl+(1-10) - Assign selected units to group
(1-10) - Select Group

Game Information

I - Game Information eg. Diplomacy
U - Unit Information window of selected unit
Q - Show impassable zones
O - Toggle transparency
TAB - Toggles Information on morale and combat damage

Unit Commands

S- Stand Ground
V - Cancel Stand Ground
D - Disable Attack
E - Enable Attack
P - Patrol
G - Guard/Cancel Guard
A - Attack



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