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  Is American Conquest really different?

Many people out there have asked me "What makes AC different from Cossacks?" Well on this page I am going to do just that and outline some of the many great new features in AC. Click on the smaller images to view them full size.

In Cossacks there was no such thing as morale. Men were invulnerable to fear and the only way to get rid of them was to kill them. Now in American Conquest your men can feel fear, men desert the ranks of your regiments in 2s or 3s. Your men as well as running away can become battle hardened. A man who has served to see off many enemy regiments is a true veteran and is harder to scare than any raw recruit. These experienced regiments become a valued backbone to your force and even with raw recruits as reinforcements your regiment is a real fighting machine.

L mode
L mode adds a whole new level of strategy to the game. The fact that you can zoom out enables you to see more of the battlefield and have more control over your troops than ever before.

Unit Creation
Units now no longer appear out of nowhere. They actually have to be recruited and trained. This means that your economy must be even stronger than before so that you can support the creation of lots of peasants so they can be trained to become your army.

Units can now be stationed in buildings. A building full of good men is almost impregnable to anything but a well organised attack. Your enemy must now either lose men on attacks or wait for his slow artillery to arrive and hope to hammer your building to ruins.

Artillery now comes with a crew instead of rolling around the map on its own. As the artillery now comes with a crew you are able to destroy artillery fairly easily if you can get sharpshooters close enough to pick off the crew members.

There are now native tribes on the maps meaning that you can arrange treaties with them in order to hire mercenaries. Even if you don't wish to take advantage of their mercenaries, alliances are useful as they prevent other players from hiring mercenaries!

In the game there are no walls like cossacks. The game features fortresses and blockhouses which are dominating buildings which can hold lots of troops and are therefore an essential defence. No walls also means that players can no longer hide in a corner and wall themselves in.

Standard Bearers
There are now standard bearers in the game who not only look really good but help boost your mens' morale. Any regiment without a standard bearer will suffer dramatic morale loss.

No rushing
Rushing is now a thing of the past as no longer can someone quickly spring up buildings and invade. The game has a minimum of 5 minutes peace time which should be adequate for you to set up decent defences that can easily deflect any early attacks made.

War for America
A new online mode for American Conquest has appeared. Now you can conquer all of America!

New awesome 3D quality landscapes have been modelled and as American Conquest is a 2D game the landscapes are better than any other 2D game on the market.

Above are some of the many reasons why American Conquest is different from Cossacks. If I was to list them all the list could go on for ages! The point is that American Conquest may be derived from Cossacks but every game has to have come from somewhere and Cossacks by far is a good choice.



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