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  American Conqeust FAQ

Welcome to the American Conquest Mini Heaven FAQ Section! We hope all of the quick facts contained here will be most useful to you whilst playing AC.

What is American Conquest?
What is the unit limit in AC?
What nations are in AC?
Where are the native american nations from?
What features are in AC?
What types of defensive structures are there?
How far into development is AC?
What type of PC do I need for AC?

What is American Conquest?

American Conquest is a new real time strategy game from GSC Gameworld. It is developed using a modified version of the Cossacks Engine. The game is all about the battles fought in America 15th century to the 18th century. The game is more often referred to by its initials, AC

What is the unit limit in AC?

The limit in AC is 32,000 troops which easily dwarfs cossacks 8,000 unit limit

What nations are in AC?

The nations are England, Spain, France, America, Aztecs, Incas, Maya, Algonquians, Hurons, Delawares, Pueblos and Iroquoian Confederacy. European Nations Portugal and the Netherlands will be added in an expansion pack.

Where are the native american nations from?

Aztecs- What is now central Mexico

Incas- Western Coast of South America

Maya- Central America

Algonquians - What is now the USA

Hurons - Were located in the Great Lakes region in North America

Delawares - Around the Delaware River in what is now the North-Eastern United States

Pueblos - What is now the South-Western United States

Iroquoian Confederacy - South of Lake Ontario and extending to the upper St. Lawrence River in North America

What features are in AC?

From GSC Game World:

”We wanted to underline that economy and construction elements will be decreased if compared to those of Cossacks. Players should not spend that much time on an economy (that is, obviously, to control peasants and extract resources manually). There will be no need to fill the map with houses, for there will be fortresses with all necessary buildings inside. The essence of the game is military operations. We are planning to implement more advanced tactical models. Each military force will use several formations (there would be cavalry in addition to Cossacks' infantry and artillery). Naturally, each formation has advantages and disadvantages. Thus military forces structures will be very close to that of real armies, for players should command over columns, ranks, squares, and batteries just as real commanders do. Each detachment will have its standard bearer. Units will be able to accumulate experience. Formations can be made of any number of troops, not fixed as it was in Cossacks. Simple formations may be combined to create bigger ones. Also there would be a possibility to get into the buildings and defend them, the same applies to fortresses. We agree that 16.000 units may be a great mess on the map, but the game grants possibilities for structured accurate unit control, so that they will not roam around"

What types of defensive structures are there?

Forts, fortresses and log cabins but also any type of buildings (mill, storage house, etc.) can be defended if you have units inside.

How far into development is AC?

AC has been released in all major countries

What type of PC do I need for AC?

Minimum Requirements :
Sound Card
MS Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP/NT

However HG recommends the following as minimum requirements :
Sound Card
MS Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP/NT


If you have a question you feel should have been answered here please contact Cherub Sharpe novel reader


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