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  American Conquest Ladder

The American Conquest ladder shall be run on a 1 vs 1 basis. Peace time is to be kept at a minimum of 20 minutes and should be declared in the ladder thread before the start of the game. All other options and nations can be decided by the players in question.

All ladder players must abide to the following rules at all times :

1) No hacks, tweaks or cheats are to be used
2)No player is to use discouraged tactics unless agreed prior to the game eg. rushing, mine capturing
3)No player is to play in an unsporting manner eg. lining troops at border near end of PT
4)If a player is disconnected he should post in the ladder thread immediately after regaining his connection stating a valid reason for this

If you find a player breaking the rules, take a screenshot and mail it to Cherub Sharpe novel reader, I will then look into the situation and deal with it. If you break one of rules 1 to 3 you will stand a good chance of being kicked from the ladder, with rule 4 you will be kicked if a valid reason is not posted within 24 hours of you disconnecting from the game.

Scoring and Ranking

Scoring is as follows :

(A)Field Marshalls: 200+ - Value of opponents: A: 6, B: 3, C: 3, D: 1, E: 1, F: 1
(B)Generals: 165-199 - Value of opponents: A: 9, B: 6, C: 3, D:3, E: 1, F: 1
(C)Colonels: 111-164 - Value of opponents: A: 12, B: 9, C: 6, D: 3, E: 3, F: 1
ZERO Gamers: 100 - Value of ALL opponents: Winner gets 2, loser loses 2.
(D)Captains: 90-110 - Value of opponents: A: 15, B: 12, C: 9, D: 6, E: 3, F: 3
(E)Lieutenants: 80-89 - Value of opponents: A: 18, B: 15, C: 12, D: 9, E: 6, F: 3
(F)Ensigns: 79 & Under -Value of opponents: A: 21, B: 18, C: 15, D: 12, E: 9, F: 6

The winner of a game is awarded the points given in the 'Value of opponents' category that applies to their opponent's rank, while the loser loses that same amount of points

Other Information

1)When choosing opponents you may only play the same person twice a week
2)When reporting games only report one game per post
3)As organiser of this ladder I shall not participate in order to make the ladder more fair
4)As organiser of the ladder I hold the right at anytime to alter the rules at my discretion




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