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  Quick Tips

All of the following tips have been posted in news items on The Official American Conquest Website. Each tip focuses on a different aspect of play and we hope you will find them useful. For the most up to date tips please visit there.

American Conquest not only offers crisp graphics, but also a realistic simulation of warfare in the 15th century. Creating formations not only ensures a better overview but helps in building up defence points and adding strength in morale to the respective units. Handle formations well, and you will not waste any of your fighting power. In fact, this feature allows you to beat an army that actually outnumbers your forces just by using proper formations. Officers are to lead formations and control the soldiers. It's all about discipline! To form different formations, officers are needed to control the soldiers. With the proper formation, you will even be able to defeat an enemy whose forces outnumber your own, so use them well.

When you find yourself captivated in a real-time mayhem commanding up to 16 000 units, you will be playing one of the most epic and grandiose RTS experiences ever: American Conquest. To keep an overview over this massive amount of units, developers GSC incorporated the "L-Mode" in American Conquest. It allows the user to zoom out of an area and get an overview, to prevent him from becoming lost during epic battles. The "L-Mode" goes beyond a basic zoom function, as the player is still able to control every and each unit of his troops. This offers a whole new field in tactical combat, as the player will be able to organize his attacks in a much broader view. L-mode is activated by the pressing of "L" in game.

Fire when the enemy is close
Be aware that your soldiers are much stronger if they are organized in formations. Every fired weapon needs time to charge, during which the soldiers in question are completely exposed. You should therefore always cover your troops in the charging phase with other soldiers. The damage of all weapons decreases as distance from the enemy increases. That means that you should try to get as close as possible to ensure that your weapons are doing the most damage to enemy soldiers. This also means that you should wait until the enemy has fully approached to ensure that you fire your weapons with the greatest efficiency!

Your tactical orders heavily influence the morale of your soldiers in our RTS American Conquest. Your victory or defeat depends on it! You’ll need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies! A small raiding patrol is therefore able to defeat a much bigger opposing force if their morale is better than that of your enemy. Try to attack your enemies on the flank, surround them or kill the high rank officers to scare them off the battlefield. Crush their morale, and victory is yours!

The proper usage of artillery in American Conquest is essential, especially for European nations! There are basically two different modes to choose from: The “Ricochet” Mode is used if you want to fire cannon balls almost horizontally, so that they will bounce off the ground. This attack is very dangerous if the enemy soldiers are in rows, and will cause the famous domino effect. The “Grapeshot” Mode is like a shot with fine gravel. The enemy has to be very near, but this mode can tear big holes into the enemy’s troops. For timesaving reasons you can also preload your cannons

Blockhouse Storming
By clever combination of armored units and shooters you’ll succeed in taking over a blockhouse. An advance guard of Pikeniere serves as a protective shield for the shooters, while they approach the building. While the shooters fire, the second formation, fighting with lances, marches in. For a more detailed guide to storming blockhouses check out HERE



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