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  Storming Buildings

Quite often in the game you will come up against buildings with your troops yet you will lack artillery support or you might wish to keep the building instead of hammering it flat with cannon fire. Below is a guide that will help you accomplish this.
The guide makes use of screenshots from the game. To see larger versions of these images click on the image wanted.

To perform this strategy you will require the following :

  • 72 Man Shooting Regiment (Preferably a unit that is also good at close combat)
  • 72 Man Cheap Regiment (Preferably a quickly built non critical unit to act as a shield)

    If you don't have the above units never try to storm a building containing troops unless you are sure you outnumber the enemy at least 3:1. However if you happen to have the above units or more please follow the following steps

    1) Approach the building quickly so that you face it with your shielding troops in front of your firing troops

    2) Let your shield troops die as they soak up the fire acting as a shield to your precious firing troops

    3)Make your firing troops fire a huge volley at the building NB. It does NOT matter if you hit your shield troops, make sure firing into mob is enabled

    4)Charge all of your troops into the building to finish them off in close combat

    Whilst using this method you should expect heavy losses from your shield troops. However remember their job was to protect your own troops from the same fate, they did not die in vain! I hope this tactic is useful to you when you lack artillery or just wish to have the satisfaction of capturing an enemy stronghold.

    By Cherub Sharpe novel reader


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